Married Life

Everything I have done in the last 7 years has been supported by my partner Celia, now I can proudly call her my wife after our wedding last weekend. Ill keep all the boring lovey dovey stuff to a minimum but heres a quick run down of the action thanks to Justin Power.

celia nigel sneak peak-1

I made my own wedding ring from a small bit of Ti bar stock I had lying around, I heated it with the oxy to get some nice colour into it on one side, the other rings are Celia’s wedding bands that I had to take care of for the day.

celia nigel sneak peak-18

My best man Dean and I took off on the bikes in the morning to relieve the nerves, we stopped for a coffee and then hit it to the first photo spot, I had helmet hair for the rest of the day but Celia didn’t mind!

celia nigel sneak peak-23

We met for photos at a few locations and the Autumn weather was kind to us, warm and overcast with just a few drops of rain.

celia nigel sneak peak-26

My dad owns a 1966 Fastback Mustang that he restored and he kindly drove Celia and her bridesmaid around all day, it was a special moment driving down the highway in the Hilux next to the Mustang.

celia nigel sneak peak-34

We pulled over for some more photos in another location not long before the ceremony was set to start.

celia nigel sneak peak-35

Getting married in the country gives a really nice laid back feel to the day.

celia nigel sneak peak-1-2

Then it was off to the ceremony, driving this on the freeway just made the day all the more special, did you know that it could have been in a container bound for Gatebil in Norway? It was the cancellation of that trip that made Celia and I decide on this date.

celia nigel sneak peak-53

So now we are married and couldn’t be happier.

celia nigel sneak peak-56

Celia put her heart and sole into this event, for the last two months this has been her life, organising and planning every single little thing, a home wedding can be spectacular if you plan it right.

celia nigel sneak peak-64

We ate, drank and partied the night away, telling people all about our honeymoon plans which has consumed me for the last few weeks.

celia nigel sneak peak-61

Thats because we are off to America, in a lifetime adventure for both of us we are going to travel the entire length of the vast country side of USA on something that I will detail in my next post. Stay tuned to this website as all will be revealed soon!

Celia and I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, we had the best night and thank everyone involved for making it so special.

  • Zak Brown

    Congrats 🙂

  • Emma Whalley

    Very well said. Congratulations guys! Looks like you managed to create the perfect day to begin the rest of your lives!

    • Nigel Petrie

      Thanks Emma

  • gabe

    Wooo congrats

  • nafterli

    Congratulations man!

    • Nigel Petrie

      Thanks mate

  • Quaife Engineering

    Congratulations from all of us at Quaife!

    • Nigel Petrie

      Thanks guys

  • Ish TheEngineer

    Dude congrats man! If you come by Georgia ill put you up anytime.

    • Nigel Petrie

      Thanks I’ll let you know

      • zack

        if ya’ll hit the bars in atl i would love to shake your hand.

  • Steve Edwards

    Congratulations! Dare I ask how you drove the hilux on public roads or is it more of a colonel Klink thing? “I know nussing!”

    • Jonathan Behn

      He has done it before Vic roads permitted it for a test drive so i assume it happened again. Such restraint from Nigel.

    • Joel

      Thought the same thing!

    • Nigel Petrie

      It’s a special occasion permit, kind of legal but not really

  • Gustavo Chagas

    Amazing. Congrats! Be happy!

  • Aaron Katipa

    Congratulations dude

  • Fabian Hernandez

    congratulations and blessings on this journey that just starts, love, patience, communication, are key to face all things together as you have done until now, remember that on the difficult moments and enjoy the happy to the.max, marriage is for brave people

  • Fabian Hernandez

    blessings and the best for you on this journey that just begins! if you ever want to come to Costa Rica for vacation just let me know!

  • SeBa Bunea

    Congratulations! Have a great time!

  • Erik

    Congratulations all the way from Holland man! Love your life, love your build and even love the fact that you got married! Blessings to you both, and keep up the good stuff!

  • Ryan Bennett

    Congrats to you both, and have fun on your trip to the US. And hope to meet you if you swing through Southern California.

  • Superwow Factory

    Congratulations to you both! You two look amazing 🙂 Love the photos and of course the Hilux. <3

  • Johnrick

    congratulations man! So happy for you two 😀

    ps. when you have some time could you make more of those rings? I’d like to buy a pair pls

  • Andrew Miller

    Congrats! If you need a place to crash in Missouri just drop me a line.

    • Nigel

      Thanks for the offer mate

  • Carlos A.

    Congratulations Nigel! Just remember happy wife, happy life! Haha. I’m in Sacramento, California. Please feel free to hit me up if you need anything if you come out this way. Shoot me an e-mail.

  • Kane

    Congratulations mate!! May your lives together be joyous and wonderful, full of surprises and nothing anything less than amazing.

  • Jared Tansley

    Congratulations man and enjoy touring the states, you are truly living the Australian dream.

  • rXc3NtR1c

    Congrats to you both 🙂

  • Michael Fabiano

    Nigel, let me start off by saying, congratulations on your marriage. I am a huge fan. I have followed your Work for a few years now. Obviously I don’t know where you are planning to go. But I own homes in California, Oregon, and Florida. It would be a huge honor to meet you, take you shredding in my s13’s, and take you and your beautiful wife out for a good time. If you are in any of those states, I will make it my mission to accommodate you. If not, good luck to you on your honeymoon. The U.S. is quite a spectacular place.

  • Dan Drown

    Congratulations man and best wishes to the lovely wife. Building a life together is your best build ever.

  • Brian Goude

    Awesome write up. Hope to catch you guys for lunch while you are here. Have a great time in the States.

  • Steven Salazar

    Been a huge fan and avid reader of your build, journey and success. Congrats to you and Celia! If you make a pit stop in Virginia Beach, let me know. Take you two to the oceanfront and grab some good food/drinks.

  • Mikael Olsson

    congratulations to the both of you!

  • Niko Bosnakis

    Congrats wish you guys all the best and many year of happiness. Long time fan and reader truely inspired by what you do. if you end up in south florida be glad to show you guys around. have a safe trip