ETS Drift Ute – In action

In the last post I outlined all the prep-work that went into this drive, being its first “in public” drive I thought its only fair that I bring you some in car footage, as the final stages of the Dream Build Drive documentary get pieced together this will act as a teaser for whats to come, don’t worry about chasing any other footage from this event because Dream Build Drive will leave you full to the brim of the best action footage that may ever surface of the Hilux doing what its built for. Till then here’s what I was busy doing last Sunday!

ETS Drift Ute – Manfield Raceway NZ from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

It took me most of the day to get my driving up to scratch to meet the demands of the chassis, Manfield isnt like Hampton Downs and the power delivery was nothing short of aggressive, its like it still wants more power, I never like to drive on the limiter, but I felt that I had to at some stages. As the day progressed I hit the first corner faster and faster, I still needed to go faster but its difficult knowing whats gone into the build and whats at stake, Im happy the Hilux lasted all day with no real issues, the alignment is just by eye, infact its all over the place so I am looking forward to setting it up and heading back on track to start tuning everything in.

  • zack

    That first flick/initiation is rediculous. What a machine. Seems like I have been checking this page every day for a year in order to see this thing in action.

  • SH


  • Dano

    Did you pinch first at the end there Nigel?
    Seems very very smooth (FAST)…

  • Blake

    whos the co driver

  • Jaydrft

    Looks like some real fun – the power delivery is flawless, and the go-kart like handling, must make for some real fun on track!!! I am in total awe of your skills and outcomes on the projects that you do…Keep it up!!!!

  • Matt Bomer

    You might not like using the limiter Nigel, but wow we love it, sounds awsome!

  • Steven

    It was great to meet you last Sunday and awesome to watch you get faster and faster as you grew more confident with the ute, it will be insane when you get it and yourself fully dialed in!

  • Kaitsu from Finland

    Sounds pretty good for a SRDET!