D1NZ – Saturday Final

What an amazing weekend it has been. Time for an update on Saturdays action. On friday night the boys scolloped out the Lower Control arms so that i could have a little more lock to work with and it paid off in the final on Saturday. In the morning i was back in the car and feeling right at home, practicing with some of the elite NZ drifters was a dream come true, i felt good in the car and had a huge amount of track time leading up to qualifying. I ended up qualifying in 15th position and went up against Dan “Fanga” Woolhouse driving the V8 Commodore in the top 16 against, i gave the first battle my all and it went to a re-run, i could hear the commodore up against my door and knew he had pushed harder than me, i was told that Fanga had been given the win and i was off to the pits. Im thrilled with how my weekend ended up and can’t thank the Sellers family enough for their efforts over the last year, NZ has left a lasting impression on me and i hope that i can get something happening for next season.

  • NVMY R

    How do our Kiwi guys rate compared to the Aussie drifters?

    • http://engineeredtoslide.com/ Nigel

      Amazing drivers and car setup but never unbeatable, ill give it a crack next year.

  • Cameron

    Found some Engineeredtoslide stickers under my windscreen wipers! Good stuff man cheers 8) car looks sick btw

    • http://engineeredtoslide.com/ Nigel

      At maccas yea? I hoped no one stole them, 🙂

      • Cameron

        Haha yeah man was stoked as rocking them right now , going to give one to Mitch as he’s uber jelous

  • Logan

    You were mad bro big ups from flyin over here and rippin shh up keen to see you again next time your over

    • http://engineeredtoslide.com/ Nigel

      Cheers bro!

  • http://zerofighterconz.blogspot.com/ kmakzi

    nice to meet you nigel

  • Kurt

    You did good out there man. Bought some stickers haha. Would love to see your 180 over here next year.