ETS Drift Ute – Tube or die!


Before I built the tube front end reinforcement I toyed with the idea of just buying a Toyota rad support, they were cheap, everything will clip in as per factory and life would be simple for me. But no, it just wouldn’t suit the overall theme of the build. Here is some pics that show how everything will go together.

Im very glad the front valance is such a cheap item to replace, the plastic sits just 65mm off the ground and will be slowly ground away with ripple strips next year.

Ill have some news coming next week about an inlet manifold, an off the shelf item just wouldnt cut it so keep an eye out for it next week. Its time to start shopping for an intercooler and radiator, the original idea for a rear mounted radiator has now been ditched, with the amount of plumbing needed for it the gains in having weight mounted rearward wont be worth the effort.

  • Jason

    Hey mate just a thought on your intercooler. What about running a Liquid to Air Barrel cooler? they take up much less space, it requires less plumbing and I’ve heard from a couple of people it works better than a FMIC

    • Dan

      Would still need to run a separate radiator and plumbing for the separate water cooling system.
      Its true the intake plumbing is simpler, but the ancillaries for the w2a system are far more complicated.

  • Heather

    Looking good – a productive day!

  • Patrick

    better snap up some front lips now if you want the same style and plan on tearing them up ;)

    • Nigel

      They are $28 brand new, its a reproduction item but they are spot on!

  • Taylor

    Are you still going to use the S15 dashboard and center console?
    Are you also going to paint the tube chassis?


    • Nigel

      I wont be using the S15 dash, it just wont fit anymore, the chassis will all be painted gunmetal grey.

  • Disco

    looking good mate! love the OSAKA number plates :)

    • Nigel

      Oh is that where 400 is from, thanks

  • Blair

    Does this model Hilux front run the same headlights as the 180 or did they change to a specific headlight to suit?

    • Nigel

      It does share the same headlights, now it shares the same driveline aswell :)

  • Bobby

    Do you have a colour theme for the car? (not the engine bay or whatever) but the outside panels?

    • Nigel

      Im not 100% sold on a colour, it will either be black or white, all the chassis will be gunmetal. There wont be any stickers or crazy colours, all just really simple and classy

      • Bobby

        White would be cool, as it would look similar to 99% of hilux’s out there.

        i am fond of a Silver……..

        I wouldnt go black, its too hard to see the beauty in the panelwork.

        • Nigel

          White is the winner at the moment, i was maybe thinking a satin white so the lines stand out a little more

  • Nick

    Im sure you have already thought of this but for what its worth.. the more i look at the front end it appears that the SR is slightly talller than the panel work. will it fit under the factory bonnett?

    • Nigel

      It fits with about 3inchs to spare :)

  • Steve Kae

    ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh…. now she’s looking more like it!!

  • Nic

    White Would Look Wicked But Satin White With Gloss White Pinstriping Detail Points So It Shows Up On Sunlight. seen it on a japanese motorsport 180 (I Think) but satin black and red pinstiping. was awesome

  • tom

    I’ve been curious what year is your hilux? I’ve beenging nuts searching every where and. Can’t seem to find the year haha